Let us improve your
IT human capital today.

IT Talent

Our very own professional curated "IT skills hire" service for your teams.

Become fully interoperable across
your business today.

IT Integration

Delivering enterprise integration architecture, development and governance solutions

Work with us to deploy, grow and protect your
IT 'city' infrastructure needs.

IT Infrastructure

Deployment and maintenance of industry based security, compute and storage infrastructure solutions

Trust us with the design or build of
bespoke IT solutions.

IT Solutions

Crafting solution architectures and building bespoke IT solutions

Learn new tricks to drive better outcomes
in IT with innovation.

IT Innovation

Working with IT & product dev teams to deliver ideas to market in modern lean ways

Solutions Authority

Our desires and ambitions to solve IT and digital problems has been a key driver from the early foundation to present day at Software Arkitex. Over the years, Software Arkitex has had the privilege to bring key Solutions to leading Banks, Insurance and Telecommunications companies. Our purpose today still remains the golden thread of our very existence.

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Software Arkitex is an established IT services and solutions company focused on delivering on the following frontiers:
IT Skills Hire

Helping customers with their IT human capital requirements to source and get the best talent for their teams.

Integrated Solutions

Building IT solutions and leading enterprise IT integration that gives interoperable value to our customers.

Modern Infrastructure

Working with our customers to provision, maintain and secure their IT city of infrastructure across compute, storage and open systems.

Technology innovation

Driving lean IT product development and innovation techniques to drive outcomes over output.

Software Arkitex is excited to pioneer new frontiers and transform yesterdays IT solutions with its customers by: Staying Relevant, Being Competitive and Embracing the Future.
Staying Relevant

Our approach and style differentiates us from traditional and established IT players in the current market. We are constantly re-evaluating capability and technology to find the best fit for our customers. We are agile and nimble in our adoption of innovation and bleeding edge technology.

Being Competitive

We thrive on our ability to work with our customers to navigate their business, disrupt conventional thinking and deliver stellar experiences to their customers. With us at the table we can be that competitive weapon to your IT success.

Embracing the Future

We are building solutions to embrace the future. Our experience and drive enhances our foresight to better predict problems for our customers. We prefer to walk the journey with customers who truly believe in being competitive both now and in the future.