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Enabling IT infrastructure to its full potential

Software Arkitex offers a range of distinct enterprise infrastructure services that contributes to design and management of information technology solutions in the cloud or in your data centre. By utilizing a range of technology partners we are able to bring infrastructure solutions that address your needs.


Given our roots largely stem from applications and their architecture, Software Arkitex embarked on strengthening it's value proposition to the market by investing in infrastructure service delivery and solutions. This allowed for Software Arkitex to become more familiar with how infrastructure design and deployment could influence software solutions to build sustainable and scalable solutions. To date Software Arkitex has been involved in delivering on the following fronts around infrastructure:

Infrastructure Solutions on Offer

Storage Backup and Optimization Solutions

Software Arkitex is pioneering the use of different storage models and backup solutions in the market. Together with traditional storage vendors and storage optimization techniques, Software Arkitex is geared towards offering you tailored storage solutions that optimize cost and efficiency.

Information Security Solutions

Threat defense and information security is an important concern for all organizations. Software Arkitex is developing and infusing a range of solutions to combat risk and technological threats facing companies today.

Open System Design and Configuration

Software Arkitex offers design and support services for open system infrastructure.

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Technology Partners

Software Arkitex relies on partnering with specific vendors for implementation and support purposes. Alignment to specific infrastructure vendors have been strategically considered and used to address implementation and deployment of solutions.

See our partners page for more info.